Creating Promotional And Honest Copy

Copywriting is one of the key marketing tools that we have to communicate to our target audiences who we are, what we do and what we can offer them.”

A well-written promotional text can go a long way. A text that is based on reality, honesty, and integrity is what will get you the furthest. You see, people don’t mind being sold to, but they mind being lied to, and the key to great marketing is selling what you can proudly deliver.

What should a text like that look like?

A text written for online marketing purposes should:

  • be concise and honest
  • have a structure
  • grammatically and stylistically correct
  • explain complex concepts in an easy and simple way to comprehend
  • include keywords that will help search engines understand what it’s about
  • be pleasant, attractive, and interesting to read—sometimes a little humour can go a long way
  • not be written in an artificial or repulsive way
  • have a clear purpose
  • include links to relevant resources

We want to help

Even though, as an agency, we are the new kid on the block, we have been in the marketing industry for about 15 years. We know how to write, we know how to sell, and we know how to communicate with people in three languages: English, Czech and Spanish. Most importantly, we would love to help YOU write content that will propel you to your goals. 

Let’s talk about your vision

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